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Viet Nam is located in tropical moonson area, with high humidity, plants and animals are diversity. For a long time, our people knew how to find food and drug in nature. "Southern medicine treat Southern people" that's the meaningfull teachings of the famous physician Tue Tinh. Combining easten and westen medicine and on the basis of inheritance, we improve the method of preparation, extraction and we also study natural compounds that have high bio-pharmacological activity on the basis of advance sciencetific techniques to produce health care food drugs products.

Desiring to contribute a small part in the protection of public health,
Bio-supermark delivers some food drug 100% natural origin with many advantages: easily absorbed, effective, without causing side effect, consistent with Vietnamese.

These products not only support for treatment but also prevent effectively some diseases: cancer, vascular, diabete...They are specially usefull for people with chronic diseases,( such as stomachache, liver diease, colitis, osteoathritis...), diseases caused by metabolic disorders (high cholesterol, neurotic- tranquillizing, bronchocele, funtional disorder in male and female), preventing and maintaining life quality for elders.

Bio-supermark system delives 3 types of food drugs:

  • Preventing and supporting in treatment : Cardio-vascular, digestion, osteoathritis, bronchocele, cancer and diabete...
  • Additional nutrients for general health.
  • Antioxidant, skin beautifying, anti-aging, slimming, enforcing the immunity, limited diseases.Along with its own food drugs, Bio-supermark system can advise for free on nutrition, healthcare, beauty care ...

                  Bio - Supermark committed that:

"Community oriented comprehensive and professional health care"