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Calcium Supplement groups
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upply calcium and nutrition, support for health.


1.            Composition:

Calcium and nutrition extracts from grain.

2.            Indications:

-         Supplying calcium and nutrition, supporting for health.

3.            Administration:

2-3 capsules each time, 2 times a day. Oral before meals. Product may be used as regular calcium supplement.

4.            Weight:

60 capsules/box.

5.            Storage:

Store at a cool and dry place, avoid of the sunlight. Reclosed tightly after each use.

6.            Expiry date: 18 months.

7.            Reg: 3270/2010/YT-CNTC.

8.            Manufactured by:

Natural product and Technology of Biochemistry development company limited…Natech Co .Ltd Bach Thach, Hoa Thach, Quoc Oai, Ha Noi.      

Notice: It is not drug so it can't replace medicine.