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Smilan - 2k
Smilan - 2k
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Support for treatment of stomach ulcers


1.            Indications:

Support for treatment of stomach ulcers, duodenal, reduce intestinal fermentation, the fight against

constipation, liver benefits, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

2.            Composition:

Ardisia silvetris Pit, Latuca indica L, Croton tonkinensis Gagnep.

3.            Used for:

Person with stomachache, stomach ulcer, poor digestion.

Notice: It is not drug so it can't replace medicine.

4.            Administration:

On taking 2 -3 times, each 5-10g (3 tablespoons full equivalent 5g), soluble in 30ml of hot water. Drinking on morning and evening, to be taken at time far from meals.

5.            Weight:

Box of 90 gram.

6.            Storage:

Store at a cool and dry place, avoid of the sunlight. Reclosed tightly after each use.

7.            Expiry date: 24 months from manufacture’s date.

8.            Reg: 2664/2008/YT-CNTC.

9.            Manufactured by:

Natural product and Technology of Biochemistry development company limited…,     

Adress: 68 Van Ho 3, Le Dai Hanh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.